How to use a offset smoker?

hey there! in today’s video I’m going to try to show you guys how to use this offset smoker in under five minutes. there’s a lot of videos out there on how to use offset smokers.

How to use a offset smoker?


I have a couple

out there kind of long so I want to make

a quick video for you guys that don’t

want to sit through a long 15 20 minute

video on how to use this stuff I’ll go

over the basics with you real fast and

I’ll try to keep it short and sweet

thanks for watching okay for you guys

that are new to offset smoking and you

just got your first offset smoker you

want to learn how to use it first of all

I’m just going to show you guys real

quick what the Chamber’s are this is

your hip bottom I don’t know if you can

see the wood I’ll zoom in on a little

bit that’s where you put your charcoal

and your hickory wood or whatever would

you want to use whatever you want to use

for your your feel source so that’s

that’s the that’s the firebox right

here’s your cooking chamber and I put

some chicken on there just a little bit

ago I’ll put it I’ll show you guys that

a little bit I put a water pan inside

mine I don’t have to I do in a mine it

makes it makes my meat to me more moist

and that’s why it’s like it and I’ve

always done it some people don’t do it

some people do okay guys so you just got

your smoke room you want to smoke for

the first time so what do you do you

need to get your fire started what I

always do make sure you guys whenever

you get your charcoal and make sure this

door is closed you got door on the side

yours because you’ll find then you’ve

dumped the charcoal in there excuse me

some will fall out the door down here so

I always keep that closed okay so what I

do is I start my charcoal first well I

just use one one mess of charcoal just

whatever you know like you’re going to

do your charcoal or on your on your


that’s about all I put in there then I

put my wood in there once my charcoal

gets going a nice start turn white throw

my wood on top of there get my wood

going nice and good so once you got that

going you’re gonna you’re gonna close

this up you’re gonna close your cooking

chamber up you can check the temperature

you’re gonna let it rise I cook all my

stuff between 215 and 250 that’s where I

like to keep my temperature at right now

it’s at 200 you know you guys are having

problems and your temperatures too low

you can’t get it above 200 first thing

you’re gonna do is make sure your fire

hasn’t went out

you know if your fire looks good and you

got a good flame or a good charcoal

going check your damper right here if

this thing’s closed it doesn’t have any

airflow going to it so what you want to

do if your temperatures down low you’re

trying to raise it up and it just

stalling open this thing up you can open

it all the way and see where it goes

well if I leave that open right now it’s

on two hundred they’ll probably go to

about three hundred pretty quick maybe

even a little bit higher so that’s the

first thing you want checks your fire

make sure it’s going and then check your

damper say your fire starting to go out

and you in this damper you open it up

and your temperatures temper just went

from 200 to 210 and it’s just stalling

still maybe I’d love that more fuel

source to it you can always open this up

to and get even more airflow in there

and uh and it will get that fire going

it will raise your temperature up really

fast the minds right up mine was that

200 I had this close it was that 250

whenever before I showed you guys it was

close so I’m gonna leave it pretty much

closed just a half inch open if your

fire is too high say it’s at three

hundred you wanted to get down your day

and your dampers open close that baby up

you can close it all the way see where

it takes you you’re just gonna have to

play with it whenever you get your first

smoker you’ll have to figure out your

own smoker so temperatures too high 300

350 you want to get it down to 250 and

your damp make sure your dampers open

close it up now if your damper is all

the way closed and it’s still at 300

there’s another trick you can do hey so

your temperature is up 300 you got your

damper all the way closed it hasn’t went

down staying at a steady 300 and you

don’t know what to do one of the options

I’ll tell you to do first is a make sure

if your damper is wide open you could

close this thing up and this will drop

your temperature that drops my

temperature down anywhere from 15 to 20

degrees just by closing that up and

restricting the airflow and in another

way you can do it if your temperature

just won’t go down go ahead and open up

your cooking chamber you can you can

open that up let it cool down let it sit

there for a little bit and then check

your temperature I’ll drop it in a hurry

just kind of keep eye on it that’s

basically it guys just get your fire


your dampers are your big thing so you

your first few times smoke and you’re

out too

grab your own dampers so when you once

you master your dampers and you get a

good fuel source I use hickory wood and

charcoal then you can mess you know like

I said you could mess with this damper

up a lot of people don’t mess with that

some people just never mess with it to

me I’ve used it several times and and it

seems to work when I needed to alright

guys hope you enjoy that little video on

how to use offset smoker try to make a

quick as possible that way you guys can

learn if you don’t have the time to sit

through a long one if you liked the

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thanks for watching

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